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Handmade genuine leather gem stone crystal holder single strap bracelets/ cuffs (With stones)

Handmade genuine leather gem stone crystal holder single strap bracelets/ cuffs (With stones)


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Embrace the energy of your favorite crystals and stones with our Handmade Genuine Leather Gem Stone Crystal Holder Bracelets/Cuffs. Crafted from high-quality cowhide leather, each cuff bracelet features adjustable straps designed to securely hold any cylindrical object such as crystal points, shaped stones, or charms.

Known as the "Wizard Ammunition Bracelet," this unique piece offers an adjustable width to fit various wrist sizes comfortably. Each bracelet is handmade from remnant and recycled leather, ensuring a sustainable and cruelty-free product that you can wear with a clear conscience.

Perfect for those who love to carry their crystals with them, these versatile cuffs combine style, functionality, and ethical craftsmanship.

***Bracelets will come with assorted gemstones or crystal quartz.


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Eco conscious

Turning scrap materials into functional pieces of art is our passion. We believe in an eco conscious approach to the creation of our goods. Upcycling helps to reduce costs and is environmentally friendly by reducing waste.

Small batch collection

We craft products in small batches. Since 1991 we have created unique products for everyday use. As we strive to use upcycled leather The textures and colors of the material will vary depending on the leather scraps available.

One of a kind

We try our best to select top quality materials and parts for all of our goods. However, slight variations and natural flaws on products may occur due to the fact that it is handmade and genuine leather. Each bag features a semi-precious stone that was thoughtfully selected to compliment the various kinds and shades of leather. Each bag is crafted as an individual piece of art.